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Emmanuel Preschool

Our Philosophy

Founded in 1968, Emmanuel Preschool offers a play-based, developmentally appropriate, and enriching education for pre-school aged children. We value the spirit of every individual child and provide a safe and nurturing environment where children can learn through play, take risks, and become inspired life-long thinkers and learners. At our core, we want to present meaningful experiences for children where they feel confident, and self-assured and develop a strong sense of self. 


Our beliefs and goals are to:​

Promote social and
emotional growth 

Encourage and help children practice specific socials skills such as learning to be part of a group through taking turns and sharing, learning to respect oneself, others, and property, and learning to take responsibility for oneself

Fostering curiosity about the world through hands-on activities including sand and water, sensory table exploration, nature discovery, cooking, and open-ended art activities

Foster children’s cognitive development 

Develop self-expression through imagination, creativity, and language

Expose children to real-world experience through dramatic play opportunities where children can act, role play, and explore their community and environment through their own lens

Scaffold teaching to stimulate and peak children’s interest and curiosity about the world around them including literacy, math, science, speaking, and listening

Provide opportunities to foster large and fine motor development through various activities and play

Create an environment that gives each student the experiences and tools to become a life-long thinker and learner.

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